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Equipment for sale

sennheiser mkh60_& mkh30 mics
tamron 24-70 f2.8 lens
canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens

click on lower images to select, then click on upper image to enlarge

I'm selling a bunch of studio and location recording and photographic gear that is not being used too much any more

Lots good gear,  4 Sennheiser mkh microphones, a TC electronic 'konnekt' audio interface; a canon 550D DSLR camera with excellent  lenses, a Pentax 100D with a Tamron macro lens;

microphonestands, various mic attachments, clips, leads 

blank dvds and cds, several hundred unsold (new) music and sounds cds (of my own producing)

- even a heap of unsold music cassettes - what to do with these ? 

and more bits and pieces

I live (45k) east of Melbourne, can demonstrate (here) and deliver all gear - if you're living close by

can ship (using registered post and/or 'pack and send') at their cost

I will consider appropriate deals for (such as) the mics - have a listen to the demo tracks further down this page .. 

We have also made an audio demo to assist with introducing you to some of the sounds recorded, the images photographed and the techniques used with this gear

Intro talk- using mkh 40 + 30 mics - pm
00:00 / 00:00
'rapid creek' senn. mics; this demo rcd off tannoys - pm
00:00 / 00:00
Sennheiser microphones
senn. mkh40 & 30
senn. mkh30 in box
senn. mkh60 in AT suspension
senn. mkh40 & 30 in rycote suspensio
rycote dual mic suspension
AT8410a mic suspension
senn ms mic clip
shure A27M stereo adaptor
mic clips
canon-canon leads
10' mic canon-canon leads
3297 dawn magpie with mkh 60 & 30 - pm
00:00 / 00:00
3301 sass atmos 2x fig.8 mkh 30 - pm
00:00 / 00:00
'web' guitar solo; rcd off tannoys - comp; P.Houghton; player M Schaap
00:00 / 00:00

'Web' was composed by P. Houghton, the player is Marion Schaap .. I recorded the  album 'Light on the Edge) released by Move records 1996

Two of the above tracks - the 'rapid creek' piece and the the guitar solo - were just recorded off the tannoys (using the sennheiser mkh 40 & 30 mics in 'ms' set-up

(There is a little extra background noise to be heard here and there .. the dog was getting curious !)

The '3297 dawn magpie' magpie was located some 20M + away from the mkh 60 short shot-gun mic. (being used with the mkh 30 in m/s; this mic is excellent in this situation !

The '3301 sass(afras) atmos, recorded with two mkh30s 'crossed' (at 90degrees in closest possible proximity to each other), sounds great; crossed fig 8s have long been recognised as offering excellent image stability and depth-of-field (try running the track in mono) .. 'ms' (mid-side) recording also offers good image stability - and is also easy to use, point the mic (pair) directly at what you want !

There are many more sounds, sound environments and music to hear here on 'skysinging' .. just go to 'sams' (sounds and musics) on the nav bar above

mic specs:  mkh30     mkh40    mkh60

TC electronic 'konnekt 24D audio interface
tc konnekt 02
tc konnekt 01

Firewire audio-computer interface

2 mics, 4 line ins, 4 line outs, spdif & midi i/o,

-> 192k, 24 bit; inbuilt fx

sounds good, problem is apple computer's dropping firewire !

If using - and happy with - older macs, or if using new (firewire, t'bolt, usb) format converter, will work well

manual here

Video monitor, mic. stands, firewire HD

In addition to the mic suspensions, clips pictured above, there are several extras here .. 

links:      viewsonic

viewsonic monitor 'art' pic !
viewsonic monitor box detail
lacie 320 GB HD 'art' pic 2 !
Canon, Pentax and Tamron cameras and lenses

The images can speak for themselves .. 

Whilst both camera bodies (continue) to be updated every year or so, the lenses offer sufficient quality and (lasting value) to survive .. all these lenses are still current

Links:  canon 70-200 lens;    tamron 24-70

tamron 90mm macro

There's a sunlight reflector and a small manfrotto light-weight camera stand too, if of use .. 

canon 70-200 f2.8 lens
canon 70-200 #2
tamron 24-70  f2.8
pentaxk100D w. tamron 90mm macro
pentax k100Dw. tamron  #2
music and sounds CDs, music cassettes ??

I have 100s of unsold, new, music cds and (even) older music cassettes .. 

I'm hesitant about throwing them out onto the rubbish piles .. but what to do with them ?

The cds are still ok - as far as I can tell, the cassettes I can't even play any more to find out !

Any ideas are welcome

(To hear demo tracks of all the cds, please just go to 'sams' in the vav bar at top of this page - and select the cd tags )

The blank dvds and cds are all TDKs are are fine - but now sitting around waiting to get used

sassafras rose

Hope you're enjoying this little trip !​

If you have any questions, please contact me using this email

Thanks! Message sent.

price guide

Viewsonic VA2249S  21.5” HD LCD monitor  w connector, boxed, hardly used                                      50

LaCie 320GB ext HD firewire 400                                   20


TC audio konnekt 24D i/f firewire 400                         190


Sennheiser MKH30 P48 mic fig 8                                 600

Sennheiser MKH 30 P48 mic fig 8 (2010), susp,

mounts, posh box                                                          900

Sennheiser MKH40 P48 mic cardioid                          600

Sennheiser MKH60 P48 mic short shotgun               900

Senn M/S mic clip (new)                                                  80

3 x 10’ mic cables .. inc.

Rycote dual mic suspension (ex zepplin) inc w mics

misc clips, adaptors, noisy senn. 406 mic inc w mics

A/T mic suspension/holder x 2 .. both                          70

Shure mic bar hold 2 spaced mics                                 50

3 x Sennheiser folding mic stands, w.booms .. each  50


canon/canon mic leads: 1x22M, 2x19M, 1x7M

& stereo jack/st jack leads 2x8M .. lot                           50


misc leads: midi, jack-jack audio, power, various DC chargers .. inc w mics or                                                  50

sun light folding reflector; white, gold, 1M diameter

inc w. camera


Pentax K100D dig camera inc 2 lenses                         40

includes sigma 18-50 zoom + 2 x sigma zoom lens 

Tamron 90 mm f2.8 macro lens                                   350


Canon kiss x4/EOS550D camera inc kit lenses            50

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens                        800

Tamron 24-70mm 2.8                                                    700


manfrotto compact lightweight stand, un-used          20

blank CDs & DVDs; ~35 x TDK DVD 4.7GB; ~70 x TDK CDs 700MB                                                                        40

20 cd/dvd cases                                                                10


Music CDs: mine, new, unsold stock, up to 25 years old, seem ok ??    5 titles ~ 500 total


100s music cassettes, mine, unsold stock .. free for anyone who can find use !

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