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Sounds and musics library

Our sounds and musics include environmental sounds, instrumental new music and 'sound pictures' - unusual combinations of nature sounds and people sounds 

Recordings of (Australian) nature sounds, bird calls, soundscapes, urban, ocean, people and children, mechanical sounds and sound-effects

The music library has instrumental pieces for piano, ensemble, ambient thru' thematic to loud band .. 

Shorter 'sketch' mp3 versions of the sounds and music tracks are for download for listening, enjoying, considering for project ideas

Full versions are available for purchase and licensing


This 'sams' is a central page; follow the links (as they appear!) out from the various sections to hear and see further similar pieces  .. we are editing and adding selected pieces now

The categories do overlap somewhat - I have tried to put representative pieces here - but all pieces and sounds were categorised (long) after being recorded !


There is a 'new sounds and music' section here - as there is more interest in the longer 'classic' soundscapes we have produced over the years .. 

They are being 'mastering' for online listening and (requested download)

I have 100s of (mostly) nature recordings; most have been made with good microphones, (increasingly) more efficient recorders and are well recorded .. these are presented here under their own logging number (eg #3021 with brief desc)


A ‘best of’ (ie ones I like!) these sounds - plus the ‘sound-picture (combines of unusual man-made and natural sounds) are here on site too .. these available for ‘digital download’  - under 'alternatively .. '


All are available to demo, many to download for trialling in programs/projects

Sounds library

Elements - thunder, rain, wind, ocean; nature sounds, bird calls & environments, rain forests, frogs and crickets

click on the play icon to hear a 30-60" sample .. 

          2702 night thunder atmos

                3145 wind in ti-trees

            2853 wind in casuarina trees 

         3169 sea from long beach

                3129 sea under rocks

            3334 small shallow river 

     2722 sm creek& dawn birds

                3048 bell birds

                   3336 currawongs 

         3251 night rain & atmosphere

            8213 tropical rain forest

               3046 night (banjo) frogs

Sounds library

People and children - at work and play; urban and city sounds, mechanical, even a few steam trains and machines

click on the play icon to hear a 30-60" sample .. 

         3923 city walk               

            3185 children play water 

              2625 people play confest

      3465 city environment

            3582 industrial machine

               3425 old steam train

Music library

Here is a selection of instrumental  music sketches .. the pieces range from solo piano thru' ensemble into 'fun and games', ambient (pieces with 'space') and into band .. 

As more pieces are added so the 'link to similar pieces' will be added .. 

And as with the sounds library, the categorisations of pieces does overlap .. the pieces were written and recorded way before they were so named !

      0714 'peace piece' pno

            0604 'meridian - ambient

              1116 epno solo

      1001 ensemble

            1115 fun and games

              'ticking boxes' - ensemble

kangaroo paw plant

'Kangaroo paw' plant

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