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welcome ..

come sit within our stories, sounds, our places of appreciation
children play, birds sing, people sing, flowers emerge, rain-forests buzz
of creating space .. in mind, in life


peter mumme

change of season, change of reason

reimagining how we might engage our intrinsic ‘generosity of spirit’ (back) into life-relationships

this story, music, sounds ‘package’ is available for download here

life is not a problem ..

men - firing fossil fuelled rockets

into own (mis-interpreted) perceptions

- possibly more so

firing rockets 1209
00:00 / 02:10

based on a special place ..

the sounds of its country, creek & birds

a music piece dreamt

'flying sorcerers' from emily (age 6 !)

creek & birds
00:00 / 04:05
flying 0610
00:00 / 03:57

hectic toc ..

musical fun n games

piano and percussion

hectic toc 0112
00:00 / 03:12


musical play with 'banjo' frogs

colloquial 'pobblebonk'

00:00 / 04:44
dawn sun
luminous green
hibiscus flower
full moon

stem ..

with our lives being dominated by ‘materialist-only’ living ..
may I offer
an alternative ‘STEM’ (physical science acronym - maths, science etc)

new stem
simply   tending   earth   mother

simply ~ whole heartedly
tending ~ attending, being presen
earth ~ earth-life
mother ~ mind receptive

book-marker download ..

a printable pdf file of color nature images

cut at the vertical markers at top & bottom of page with razor knife

pith takes, bon mots, pearlers, nuggets

mobile phoney communication

smug drugglers, mole roddles,

missan dormant

Glum Corpse

Common-wealth of Australia P/L

flee fi-fo, dumb idea

the dinosore wants more and more

the taut tort the tortoise taught us


big bung theory

sue veneer meets con census

more here

feel free to add --------->


links ..

Victor Steffensen:

The trees:

children's book

Mary Graham:

abc radio


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