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Moment to moment, place to place

wader tathra


The Moment to moment, place to place work is a compilation of nature sounds and piano music pieces composed and recorded thru' the 1990s 'til 2005 whilst traveling around Australia.

Many recordings have been made of special places, of birds, of unusual (sound) environments we call 'sound pictures' 


Originally made for cd, the work has ow been remastered specially for downloading .. the music 'amended' a little to take benefit of (non-cd) audio benefits !

(There is also a new 'cover' for the work)

The inspiration for the new music pieces are the landscape nature sounds .. some of the the sound environments are presented just 'as they are - as musical pieces in their own right; others are combined with the new music inspired by them, and some are purely instrumental 'reflections' or musical representations of the moods evoked by the places  .. 

'Places that touch us, that communicate their essence, are remembered for their strength and their simplicity

A myriad of variations within this simplicity causes these experiences of moment and place to stay with us' 


Light, colour, sound, image, all combine to bring us a kaleidoscope of sensation .. Australia is a land rich in such places .. 

Kakadu, Litchfield, Daintree, the Prom, Aragunnu, Angahook are a few of the landscapes that have inspired the compositions on the Moment to moment cd


You may hear a 60 second snippet of all the tracks - just by clicking the (play) button

'Moment to moment, place to place' tracks:

nature image
sun coongie

'Moment to moment' is 65 minutes in duration

© 2004 Peter Mumme  All rights reserved

All 'moment to moment' music and sounds are available for download - contact me is wanting a link

Any donations gratefully recieved !

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

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