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Bird songs of south-eastern australia

bird songs cover

‘Bird songs’ was originally produced in 2011 as a ‘local’ (around melbourne, australia) depiction of our avain inhabitants .. as a momento available from our cities botanic gardens shop


Australian birds and animals are famous the world over for their unique and diverse character; the kookaburra laughs, parrots talk, the lyrebird's mimicry .. 

Some of the species you hear around Melbourne include kingfishers, perching birds, parrots, waders and gulls, doves and pigeons .. individual birds include the magpie, raven, wrens, kookaburra, grey shrike thrush, currawong, wattle bird, bell birds, owl, lyrebird, whistlers, whip bird, rosella, galah and cockatoos .. 

The calls have been recorded in the bird's own environments - their actual habitats, so we hear the sounds of water, wind, frogs, crickets, sea .. all contributing to the sense of place


The work is laid out as a pre-dawn through to dusk and evening trip; we move from a wildlife sanctuary to sea-sides, to eucalypt and rain forests, open farm land and woodlands ..


There is a little special 'linking' music acting as scene changer - and adding a light people presence


Come on a trip into special bird environments

Bird songs of southern-eastern australia

The birds we hear are .. 

Tk 1.. kookaburras, ducks, fan-tail cuckoo, whistling ducks, whip bird, wrens, pigeons, magpie, black bird, ibis

Tk 2 .. honey eaters, little wattle bird, butcher bird, rosellas, grey shrike thrush, black swans, sea gulls

Tk 3 .. wattle birds in banksia trees, currawongs

Tk 4 .. golden & olive whistlers, whip bird, lyre bird

Tk 5 .. galahs, magpies, pigeons, white cockatoo, bell birds, grey shrike thrush, wattle bird

Tk 6 .. parrots, magpie, raven, yellow tail black cockatoo

Tk 7 .. grey fantail, gang gang cockatoo, crickets, creek, frogs, wrens, magpie

Tk 8 .. crickets, dusky moor hen, boo-book owl

these are just 80 sec 'tasters'  

the whole work is here too for listening

'Birds' is available for download .. the tracks are 'uncompressed .wav files, included are background story and images

If you like the work, please feel free to send a few $s here

For more info, music sounds atories contact me here

Please also do so if you wish to use any of the sounds in commercial productions


© Peter Mumme 2011 All rights reserved

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birds on pier
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