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Nature's songs .. sound environments

gragin butcher bd.jpg
3285 butcher bird

Sound is energy - aural energy, primal, formative, dynamic

We 'are' as our sounds are .. calm, flustered, connecting, peaceful, crazy, anxious, frightened .. 

even 'silence is an 'absence of' perceived sound .. our bodies make an extraordinary range of  sounds - most of which we do not care to hear  - but are (necessarily) quieter than we respond to by 'hearing' !

nature provides, we perceive .. and often (now) add our own man-made sounds - many of these we also prefer not to hear !

Earth provides for all life .. via the energies of warmth, flow, solidity, 'breath', consciousness .. 

our sound environments reflect (manifest) these energies in a myriad of 'languages' - the wind in trees, grasses, leaves, the sea arriving on beaches, in rocks, the air thunders and blasts, breezes in calming, fire rages and also provides comfort sounds .. and we have our birds and animals, fish .. combinations of all producing places unique in sound,  vista, spirit, habitat, inhabitant

sass-trees06 crop.jpg
3294 bird talk 60
bournda09 crop.jpg
3170 beach 60

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