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Fantastic sea


The Fantastic Sea  (1989) originally made for a museum exhibition


Covering 73% of the earth’s surface, the sea has ever influenced man

It has produced mystery, terror, legend, means of transport, exploitation - and great tranquility

The work explores all these aspects


Natural sounds are used to recreate huge storms and shipwrecks


Experience being ‘below decks’ in a sailing rocking, creaking and thudding into big seas; the mysterious ‘deep’ - where grotesque looking fish have been shaped by enormous pressures


There is a terrifying sea serpent - an impression of a monster that grabbed sailors off their ships


Ulysses hears the Sirens, Atlantis blows upwhilst the ancient Egyptians never sailed too far from their shores - being ever fearful of falling off the edge of the world


The placid calm of children playing on a warm beach


FS cover

Note .. several of these sound pictures - those depicting ‘below decks, storm/wreck, kraken, atlantis, serpents’ - are pretty loud ! 

There are downloads of all the tracks available upon request

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

Enjoy !

© 1989 Peter Mumme  All rights reserved

Cover artwork: Veronica Holland

The singer on 'Sirens' is Sharin Anderson

Fantastic Sea .. The Images


Myths and Legends: Stories of gods, heroes and demons; of unknown dangers and boundaries


Egypt: The ancient sailors rowing to the beat of a big drum, apprehensive


Ulysses: tied himself to the mast of his ship and had his crew block their earswhilst rowing him past the Sirens - whose irresistible song lured sailors onto their rocking island


Below Decks: yellow, musty, rocking sailing ship, big seas thudding, timbers creaking and groaning, ship’s bell


Storm: Lightning, huge breakers, ship wrecked, stell rending on rocks


Deep Sea Creatures: impressionistic, weird shapes exist in black, floating jaws


The Kraken: A gigantic squid that could squash whole ships with its huge tentacles


Sea Serpent: gigantic reptiles attacking ships in search of victims. Very scary


Atlantis: an organised and militaristic society prior to disappearing - due to volcano eruption ?


Future: peaceful sea, passive, re-creational, children (play) in water

This compilation comprises a selection of the audio tracks originally made for the exhibition

There were a series of sea shanties, ‘tall stories’ - and numerous silent/quiet ambient sounds - also on the early cds .. there were 8 cds playing together to allocate different tracks to different exhibit locations at the same time

The exhibition was conceived, produced and installed by Acumen Design (Melbourne)

produced and installed  by Dex Audio (Melbourne) and me (PM)


The exhibition was placed in Mooloolaba, Qld

For further info, contact me here .. 

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