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Stories 1 (older)

wader bird


We love stories, we live our stories, we create our own stories all the time

Here are a selection of older stories

Stories for our time 1 .. index

time for a heart to heart

what we call time ..



subject and object

an alternate view

the view from here

buckets of crabs ..




time for a heart to heart .. heartheartheartheartheart


we need reconnect with our earth - with our real selves


reconnect with earth, spirit, cosmos, consciousness

with who, where and what we collectively are


we need re-engage with life, real living life, with people, relationship, responsibility, wisdom, love, compassion


look at our earth, look at us

the earth is ‘only’ reflecting our own inner world - deserts, dried up rivers, dead trees 

our loss of living, loss of spirit, loss of relationship


we can continue to blame anything or anyone else for our problems, but in reality they are all just reflections of ‘us’, symptoms of our own ‘separated from earth’ malaise


we have to stop viewing our collapsing world as separate to ourselves


we are not separated from earth by intellect, or reason, or heaven, or gods


the earth is a ‘dynamic’; it responds, it changes, it is ‘life’ 

the relationship between it and us - its inhabitants, its consciousness - is so close as to be indivisible 

as we abuse it, we abuse ourselves


its problems are our problems

its beauties are ours

its life is our life

man sketch 2

What we call 'time' is predicated on moving - moving 'forward' - from a 'past' to 'future', with a 'now' somewhere in between

We designate a formed 'past' and speculate on an unformed, unrisen 'future' .. but where is the 'now' ?


There are are other problems too; thoughts concerning an 'un-risen future' are just that - thoughts; speculation, fantasising  


Thoughts concerning our 'past' are very strange; just watch what we are doing when we think we are considering our 'past' .. most thoughts are a tangle of re-arranged events, supposed reactions to these versions plus a mass of 'what I really (thought I) did (or meant to do) was this' ..


So, what - if anything - actually did exist, in our conception of a 'past' ?

white cockatoo

And 'now' ?

Where is it ?


Alternatively, if we consider that we are always in a 'now' and that not only (what we call) 'time' not doing any moving, but 'time' is a human construct, a name, a convenience; there is nothing really existing that is 'time'


'The present moment abides naturally and unconstructed'


Sitting, sunshine, at peace ..


Thoughts .. 


thoughts are transitory, ephemeral

they have no inherent substance nor meaning


attaching ourselves (in our minds) to thoughts is illusory


constructing our world view around such attaching is delusional - and can cause resentment, anger, desires

whilst all being based on transitory, no-substance thoughts


further, we then separate our minds from our bodies (in our minds), inventing status, virtues and 'nooses' to proclaim the fact

our minds, however, are still full of constructs based on attachments based on illusory thoughts !


a real 'house of cards'


Freedom .. 

May we all realise freedom 

freedom from ignorance , avarice and anger

from dogma and superstition

from fear - of death - and life 

and imposed guilt


freedom from shouting, public fibbing and officials 

from flag waving and the pursuit of mediocrity

free to accept responsibility

and to recognise human opportunity


freedom for all in and of the earth

for all creatures, forests and places in which to live 

and to wonder

freedom to understand, gain wisdom, compassion and love


freedom from FREEDOM !

NT flame tree

Tropical flame tree


Subject and object


We are taught to divide everything this way; to view the world this way;

our (english)  language is predicated on this construct


This is 'me', 'my', ‘I’ - the subject; everything else is external to 'me',

is an object separated from me


The cosmos - stars, sky, thoughts, air, nature, people, memories - is 'external, 'not me' 


But how can this be ?

man sketch 1

An alternate view


The 'cosmos' is the centre, is 'all', is everything, is inclusive of everything; 

we are a (dynamic) part of this whole, we are not apart from the whole

all we 'do' and 'are' is as the whole totality 'is'


What we call 'physical', sensory, earth, air, water .. is always in transition; 

changing forms in a giant cosmic ‘formless’ sea


and it is all fine

PM 2010

man sketch 3
Rapid creek NT

Tropical morning light


The view from here .. 

in a tropical rain forest garden, early morning dappled light .. birds chatting whilst nesting .. peacocks .. frogs emerging as humidity rises


sees 'fear', and its unending promotion through contemporary media 

'fear' as fear of 'others', fear of 'losing' any perceived 'privilege' or 'right' 

fear of any loss of our right to be 'right' 


sees us losing our capabilities to understand who we are and where we are 'up to' in the world .. and relating to each other as 'us' - rather than as a 'they' being 'other than us' 

fear that manifests in presuming that those who yell loudest (that that is 'bad', is 'evil' that 'this' is 'good') are 'right'

fear of knowing we don't know 


the view from here .. 

sees greed having been normalised - into endless self absorption, of defining ones existence in terms of accrued possessions 

sees the constant media parading of famous, celebrity, money rich, the greedy as worthy of note and envy 

sees the constant creation of envy as a market tool 

sees word mongers, eyes averted from life, producing words devoid of human experience; all head, no heart 


the view from here .. 

sees the creeping rapacious nature of a contemporary life that cannot leave any remote corner of our earth untouched; any wilderness unmanaged 

contemporary life that has to make itself seen - and heard - constantly 

its dread of quiet

its existence dependent on the quantification of everything as being 'useful' - but only if exploitable


of seeing, from a distance, the degree to which we have opted out of life, opted out of retaining any real decision making capabilities - about aspects of life that directly affect and concern us

of accepting that being dominated by entrenched interest groups is 'normal'


of seeing the entrenched lack-of-people-interest and compassion in the sorry spectacle of 'government'

of accepting that we (in Australia, at least) dully import tv, media, advertising and unending promotions from other countries businesses as somehow supplanting any stories we might have 


the view from here .. 

sees a local world (still) dominated by nature;  attempts to act otherwise still capable of being thwarted - by simply being blown away

a local world (forced to) 'see' an age old culture, still operating in part, one with a deeper integrity and apparent knowledge of self, earth and community that is wonder-full - and hence ever denied

a view of ancient ley lines surfacing more than occasionally, bringing extraordinary oases of life, contemplation and celebration into the visible world  


the view from here ..  

manages, through distance and a natural environment, to allow some space in which to recover (some of) one's senses 

the impositions are utterly unrelenting; but there is nothing else we can, ultimately, do 


originally written Darwin, 2003/4

(Darwin is in the tropical north of Australia, it used to be something of an outpost, once described as being 'as far away (from the citified south of the country) as one could run - without ending up in the sea’; this view has changed a lot !)

Ubirr palm

Tropical palm



Buckets of crabs, winning and thongs

A response - of some years ago - to a newspaper article equating a ’bucket of crabs’ with Australian aboriginal social systems .. 

‘There’s no need for a lid, these are aboriginal crabs, if one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back down’

Our egos love these individuation stories; tales of a personality overcoming perceived obstacles and habitat; presenting social ‘limitation’ in succinct visual ‘grabs’ (a crab grab?)


No doubt there are elements of a greater truth contained within the portrayed struggle; but it is a struggle, a struggle always to find the balance between head and heart, between reality and illusion, between competing ‘gods’


Whether we actually gain any lasting ethic through continually promoting the individuation process as lying outside of the group seems to be a very dubious presumption to make though .. 


Nathaniel from central arnhemland lived with me (a white fella) near Melbourne for 6 months in the mid 1990s; he was about 7 years old at the time.

This was his first time away from his Aboriginal community .. 

He was not much of a (study) student and, perhaps surprisingly, even less of a sports student, competitively naive

The ultimate sports event for the school year was the inter-school races and Nathaniel - who was a fast runner (when he wanted to) charged out to lead the whole group again and again, only to always slow down until all the other runners caught up.

Finally a somewhat exasperated teacher called out, ‘Nathaniel, what are you doing .. why don’t you run and win?’

The reply .. ‘If I slow down, everyone catch up, we all go over the line together - and we all win’


Watching our reactions to this story - and the bucket of ‘black fella’ crabs story - is the interesting bit isn’t it ..


Both stories appeal, each to different parts of ourselves

The important bit though, is that both appeal - and are valid.   One is group oriented (family, community, sharing) the other is individual (physical) 'self' expression


Is there a problem ?

Yes .. when either is taken too far away from the other, or, as seems the case with much current ideology, to attempt to deny the existence/validity of any ‘other’ (than just its own one view) all together

It’s not the existence (or non-existence) of a human ‘duality’ that is the problem - but the denial that there is a duality

We are both ‘group’ and both ‘individual’ at the same time - each needing the opposite - the balance - for the ‘other’ to even make sense of itself



And thongs?

(an Australian ‘thong’ is very cheap rubber foot-wear)


An old apocryphal story:

The white fella spies Jimmy, the black fella, walking down the street wearing only one thong ..

‘Hey Jimmy, you’ve lost a thong’ he yells, as is his wont


‘Nah mate’, comes the reply, ‘found one’




Peter Mumme

Bundanon cedar trees

cedar trees

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