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small things we can all do .. 


We have arrived into a time of greatest change in our earth, life and our-selves

we can only change our-selves - by ourselves, we do this all the time

everything in life changes, this is normal

so we take this on ..

3 kookaburras



alternative to getting, wanting, more, fussing, rushing .. 


leave the phone, radio, screen, plan 


don’t turn on immediately .. 


simply allow my-self to appreciate that this is a new day 

that this moment, here, now is my moment


the noise, the distraction, the alarm will come sooner enough .. 

what’s the hurry ?


I remember (years ago) hearing an announcer 'whirring his slurds' .. and am still laughing

it's the economy-stupid .. 

the al gore rhthym

balancing the books ,

getting on the front foot

juggling the accounts  

'a gift for you .. our credit card'

'where dreams grow'  .. (real estate sign)

'dreams are what personal loans are made of' (bank sign)

negatively gearing the bracket creep


SHELL we .. frack ?

Beauty Putrified

National Australian Bunkum

Un Attractive Persons

Niggle Poo (indigenous observation of white-fella business)


playing with english


coming back to life .. 

'liberated' .. from anxiety, fear, $s, 'media' 

ego summit (cognito ergo sum update)

measuring consciousness - with a ruler

mobile phoney communication

life - to specification

SIT ! - and (don't) stop wagging your tail 

inflewencers .. ida nose, sue veneer, frida livery

prisons .. who's in ? who's out ?

immune .. to life ?

travelling light .. travelling as light

hoary patter (tolkien ?)

peace .. beyond all (human) understanding

edifice complex

harbingers and hamburglars

smug drugglers

eufa me ism

perturbation ~ imposing fear, anxiety

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