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New music and remasters

Slowly, slowly .. we create new pieces, listen to and reimagine older pieces .. finding stories of continuity ..

new music mixes .. australian pied butcher bird and inspired music .. download and story here

These are a selection of new piano pieces, 2019  

1913 is a 'life as business as usual' music caricature

1919/21  are 2 'unfolding' pieces ..  
similarly 1929 (with an 'dissonant' edge)

9905 (1999) are 'pointers' (indicators of future events)

the pieces are a happy process of finding the appropriate 'notes, pitches, timbre/colours, scaling, place, silences ..  that meld together to express their time and space 'place' 

hope you like


Recorded and composed darwin 2004-5

0414 .. music impression; sea-scape, tidal mangroves, drips

0421 .. sound picture, sea, birds, bright morning

0522 .. tropical sound-picture, birds, frogs, thunder

Shoalhaven was recorded 2001/2 .. see more here

'the tortoise taught us'- mood piece .. the country is waiting for its people to return & re-awaken to life

'feathering our own nests' .. bower bird squawks and  collects all things blue .. ('24 note/oct !)

'dance for the night frog' .. see shoalhaven for more

9615 .. piano solo from 1996 .. busyness always

9901 .. timbral piano piece .. pedals down !

1409 .. gentler ensemble, colours

a selection of louder sketches ..

9913 - ensemble, colours, nice riff

9914 - band arrives, sets up, gets it together, falls apart

9810 - big band  thematic

9910 - brassy and bouncing

These tracks may be used in private projects, demos, submissions ; please credit in all these situations .. 

All music and sounds © 2024 Peter Mumme .. all rights reserved

there are .wavs available as required


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