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'Coranderrk' takes us on a musical trip through in  the Healesville sanctuary - an Australian wildlife park - situated about 80km from Melbourne in southern Australia .. this sanctuary provides a habitat for vast numbers of birds and animals .. 


Nature's sounds recorded in the sanctuary are ‘orchestrated’ as musical instruments; the sounds of waterbirds, lyrebirds, emus, water, magpies, brolgas - and many more - being combined with flutes, harps and keyboards to create a wonderful gentle australian new music with universal appeal

The name comes from an Aboriginal settlement located just near the present wildlife sanctuary

Coranderrk re-mastered !

Coranderrk was produced 30 years ago, popular then on cassette (!) and cd .. we have re-mastered the work and are here presenting it for on-line listening and download


Short snippets of the tracks may be heard here - as may the whole work (which is designed to be played  'all together')

Just click the (play) 'triangle'; click it again to stop the track 


'Coranderrk' cd cover

Coranderrk is 59' in duration

The birds and animals are: 

magpies, kookaburras, rosellas, ravens, emu, wattlebirds, ducks, grebes, geese, pelicans, moorhens, brolga, butcher bird, pigeons, lyrebird, currawongs, whipbirds, ibis, swans, falcon, eagles, bellbirds, galahs, cockatoos, catbird, dingos, owls, koala 

‘Coranderrk’ is now available in (uncompressed) .wav audio format .. email me to request link .. includes the music and background notes

If you like the work you might like send a few bob, $s, rupiah, shekels, yen .. via paypal here

If wanting to use any bits for paid productions, you do need contact me for copyright clearances  

© Peter Mumme 1991 all rights reserved

Cover artwork: Veronica Holland

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

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