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What is important ?

I would like to share a few stories and thoughts about life, living and earth

- and hope they might be enjoyable !

Here we are, modelling a future in economies, work, back to ‘normal’ etc

Perhaps if we can start from ‘where we are’ right now and, at least for a moment, not presuming (hoping?) that our current social/climate/virus reality can or would change for a ‘better’ - by returning to this ’normal’ idea ?


‘Normal’ is simply a concept held in the mind(s) of some men .. entrenched habits of convenience, usually invented by we humans for our own perceived (material) benefit ..  and herein lies some of the causes for the current problems

Starting from here and now .. consider 

what is important ?

for living life on earth ?

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Caring for country

Being able to live well - with food, water, air, earth, sunshine, stars, moon,  country, people-community, stories and all earth’s inhabitants .. to nourish and flourish


As earth provides all these and we - as all life - depend totally on her capability to continue to do so, so our care for her is primary need


We all share .. we all breathe the same air, drink of the same water, eat the foods provided; share sun and fire warmth, languages, knowledge, songs, happiness, troubles, changes 


Earth and life always changes, naturally; stars, suns, moons, shifts in cosmic magnetics/gravitation/nuclear energies ever changing .. as do do our lands and seas, weathers, habitable places, air, water and earth forms .. we learn to adapt to these - and realising this makes us resilient as species

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Flowers are conscious, birds and animals are conscious, maybe rocks are ‘mildly’ so .. all sentient (able to feel/respond) beings are conscious to some degree


Our human ‘body-mind-consciousness’ seems unique .. our physical body supports physical/mental mind, that then supporting (non-physical) mental consciousness .. all interacting as one (non-linear) ‘dynamic’ 


The dominant aspect of our human-being (realm) seems to be that of its ever transforming nature - ie ever moving ‘up’ (little more consciously aware) or ‘down’ (with less) .. 


Without worrying about gods, animals, people, realms and categories .. the (experiential) ’truth’ points to our ever transitioning between levels of consciousness (dreams, awake, asleep etc), the determinate being itself - ie our own consciousness


What a wonderful puzzle !

The miracle of consciousness


Wisdom and resilience

Resilience grows with the breadth - the diversity - of its experiential-life base .. the broader our knowledge base the greater our (species) resilience ..


Our life-wisdom knowledge systems are the observed and lived (‘evidence based’) beneficial life, community and social paradigms - the relationships of people, earth, inhabitants, languages, arts, stories - that create the connecting ‘ethics’ of all these


Nothing (no thing) just appears of its own accord; there are always causes (even if not immediately obvious) and the ‘results’ - the effects, the consequences resulting from myriad causal interactions - are (how we perceive and live) ‘life’ 


Food grows, earth provides; water flows, earth provides; air breathes, earth provides; fire and sun warm and enliven, earth provides; shelter and community, earth provides; the ‘solid’ base for us to stand on, be born of, grow with, die upon, recycle with, earth provides; life, inspiration, wonder, love, joy, consciousness, earth provides


A good start

Wisdom - diversity - resilience ~ well-beings

Human arts

Our greatest resource are our human arts .. our skills of story telling, of linking life and spirit

Song, dance, paint, sitting with, play, think, garden, care, write, rejoice, walk


Depicting the world within and without - and the ways - the spirit - that enables both






Depict - express, find, re-discover .. how we all relate to each other and our natural world






What else can we do ?

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Arts, hearts, minds, vocation

A society that ‘better’ realises the relationship nature of all life .. and hence is able to so live, is (would be) most beneficial !


The place - and time - for our ‘elders’ reinstitution, is upon us


People of calm secure faith .. faith in the inherent capabilities of humans becoming conscious .. thusly imbuing life 

Thence family, group, communities, regions, continents and ‘mother’ earth herself


As we all have individual predilections, responses and ‘resonances’ - and as/if our own society ‘knows and lives’ them - so we all grow, develop, prosper


Things We Can Do


Living with earth, in gondwana-australia, has 50-100,000 years continuity of life .. people, country, planet and ancestor stars .. intertwining and flourishing

The common base being country, nature and lore .. the care and respect for, learning with and celebrating .. of mother-earth-life


Perhaps - compared with (our) current social, personal and environmental problems - these intentions are not irrelevant today (!)


Perhaps ‘irrelevant’ lies more with (our current) predilections for ‘flag waving, $ and ego status, ignoring the truth of harming earth’ ?


Perhaps if we let go of these - in our own minds ?



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