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Veronica takes a bath

A new compilation of pieces recorded in the mid 1980s .. remastered especially for download


The title track - ‘Veronica takes a bath’ - was originally made for a department store ‘bathroom’ display !

It was entered unaltered (but with a somewhat more attractive title!) in an australian radiophonic competition, which it won in 1985


The piece was included on a cassette - of the same name, released in 1986 .. whilst we have the audio archives of the pieces (that I think were) included on the cassette, there is no further information I can find (35 years later!)


Also included on this compilation, are two additional works recorded around the same time .. 

‘Dreaming: this side up’ - made for ABC records cd release ‘Dreamtime’ (1992) - also known as 'Isn't this great' - as you'll hear


‘Magritte’ - originally made as the soundtrack for an exhibition of (René Magritte) paintings .. and later being entered into a French radiophonic program, where it was ‘selected for judging’


also featured are pieces from videos, film and dance


veronica poster

For more info, contact me here .. and/or request link to the (uncompressed) downloads

Please feel free to donate .. here !

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Notes .. 

organic eargasm - opens with a magpie song ’tracked’ (didj: John Matthews)

no standing room only - punk piece (title: James Thurber)

golf match - musical impression .. swings, hits, misses, birdies

The ‘Magritte’ soundtrack was made 33 years+ ago, I think some of the paintings presented in the show were (titled): 

collective invention

man in bowler hat

golconda (raining men)


time transfixed (steam train emerging from fireplace)

the treachery of images


The soundtrack uses many ‘found’ sounds, recorded and formed into instruments, there is a ‘moving along’ music motif linking the impressions

The singer is Sharon Anderson


‘Dreaming; this side up’ .. alternate title ‘this is great’ 

A cool rainy day, two children play with paints and colours in puddles, absorbed, happy .. and wet

Enjoy !

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