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Island .. Phillip Island & Arnhemland

'Island was originally released on cassette and cd in 1990 - 31 years ago

There are two soundtracks .. one made for a 'Penguin video' produced in 1998 and located in Phillip Island (some 140k south of Melbourne) and the second for  'Arnhemland' - an exhibition/parade featuring a range of 'posh' leather coats painted with spectacular Aboriginal art ..  held in (about) 1998/9 in Melbourne

Original notes:

Best known for its penguins and tourists, Phillip Island still retains remnants of a unique ecosystem.  

Areas exist that are full of vibrant and diverse sights and sounds.  koalas, ibis, wattle birds, geese, spoonbills, kangaroos, pelicans, parrots, sea cliffs, marshes. a great swamp, estuaries - plus the penguins - are all depicted here.

Sound recordings are combined with musical impressions in taking of a ‘musical trip’ around the island.

Arnhemland is based on the natural sound environments of northern australia.

It portrays those individual bird, animal and landscape sounds that occur here as cameos.

When heard all together, an overall picture emerges of (some of) the character of this special place.

island cover

Phillip Island                                                                                                Arnhemland

Both works are available for download .. email me to request a a link

The DLs are 'uncompressed' .wav files .. also included are background notes and images

If you like the sounds and the music and the stories, you might like to donate a few shekels, rupiah, $s .. here 

Please contact if wishing to use any of the sounds or musics in commercial productions

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

© 1990 Peter Mumme All rights reserved

Cover artwork: Veronica Holland

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