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Paddlewheels and kingfishers

A musical trip around the old port of echuca, the barmah forest and the murray river, located on the border between Victoria and NSW, Australia .. originally a ‘tourist’ cd made in 1999


The music is based on the sounds of nature, of people, paddle steamers and the town


We use environmental sounds as musical instruments’ and add the sounds of flutes, percussion, strings, guitars, banjo, oboe, bells, gongs, didj., horns and voices .. plus several especially created synthesiser instruments to compliment the ‘found’ sounds


These pieces are ‘sound pictures’ .. paintings made with sounds


The sun shines, the rain falls, the birds wake in the morning. the moon rises, the earth continues its life while we, its temporary inhabitants, play and sing - with varying degrees of awareness upon its surface



paddlewheels cover

Paddlewheels is available for download .. contact me here 

If you like the music and sounds, you might like to make a donation !

All music and sounds © 1999 Peter Mumme and Rob Ellis .. All rights reserved

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

The story and images .. 

everything's made of wood .. the old port, steam machines, huge timbers, reverberations of sounds 

paddle pop .. paddleboat ride, chuggling past river bank, old trees 

toots and games .. the toots of the steamers and their echos - both in time and sound, the thrash of the paddles

when in my place .. contemporary - and longest time indigenous living here, remnants 

emmylou adventure .. big(gest?) wood fired paddlesteamer, takes two hours to 'fire up'

the drifting .. gliding past old country, the trees, paddle rhythm, settling into life imagining 

do cockatoos count .. barmah, enter old meeting place - of rivers and people, entering into a world of spirits

tree squeak .. hot and humid midday, white cockatoo, black crow 

barmah lament .. silhouettes, graves, old trees fallen, river narrows, birds - including kinfishers - immediate


element and myth .. night in barmah, nature's songs, thunder, old images, old creation stories, wonder

reflection .. returning to considering, two australian cultures, one of the ages and earth, the other as now

Enjoy !

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