Connecting and Sharing

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May I offer a selection of experiences, talks, books - to share a few (hopefully) beneficial ideas .. 

Current reads, listens, looks ..

Shunryu Suzuki: Zen mind, beginner's mind


Thich Nyat Hanh: Fear

Tyson Yunkaporta: sand talk .. Indigenous thinking .. have a look !

Miriam-Rose talk: Not alone - Dadirri

Gisela Kaplan: Bird Minds

Referendum Council (Australia):  Uluru Statement From the Heart

Thich Nhat Hanh: The Miracle of Mindfulness

Michael Leunig: cartoons and poems .. refreshing !

There is ever a place for our directly experiencing an event or a situation that ‘shakes us up’ .. presents us with an 'inner flash' or 'glimpse' into life - way beyond our usual habits and presumptions 

Tyson Yunkaporta: 'Big ideas', Radio talk .. Looking at the world thru' Indigenous lens

Victor Stefferson; Indigenous fire burning practice .. ABC radio talk

ABC Radio: Larissa Behrendt: 'Speaking out'  - Indigenous politics, arts and culture perspectives

Yolngu Indigenous nations, NT .. relationship, learning, community life .. stories here

Yolngu Radio: local traditional music, story, language; 5am manikay - good intro to culture

HH Dalai Lama: talks and teachings .. Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru

Khentrul Rinpoche: ‘One good conversation can change your life - talks and meditations

Eckhart Tolle:  online talks

‘Tjungunutja’ ~ 'from having come together' .. art exhibition in museum here last year (search 'Tjungunutja' for more)

Research/writing: australian governance, constitution, new media articles .. some here on this site

pm 'reconcile 2018'

and .. nature - walking, listening, sitting, birds, country, trees, skies, sea, people .. everyday is a new day

Reference books (many with markers in !)

Chogyam Trungpa:  Crazy Wisdom


Chogyam Trungpa:  Shambhala 

Thich Nhat Hanh: The Sun my Heart

Gyurme Dorje:  Tibetan book of the Dead

HH Dalai Lama:  The universe in a single atom


HH Dalai Lama in conversation: Ecology. Ethics and Interdependence

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel: The Logic of Faith

Victor Stefferson: Fire Country

Bruce Pascoe:  Dark Emu ... explore of Australian Aboriginal cultural complexity, good bibliography

Shar Khentrul Rinpoche:  Unveiling your Sacred Truth

HH Dalai Lama: The World of Tibetan Buddhism

Eckhart Tolle:  A New Earth

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Online ..

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Siddhartha’s Intent:  resources/recordings

TNH online teachings, books, links: Plum village

Caring for country: Indigenous view

University of Sydney: Aboriginal kinship:  kinship-module/learning

Office HH Dalai Lama: messages


D W Chambers: Singing the land, signing the land  .. comparative Indig and euro world views (I have a copy)

Hendriks and Hall: The Natural Mysticism of Indigenous Australian Traditions​ .. I have a copy

University of Melbourne - useful websites 

Long time references & book 'faves' :

I Ching; Wilhelm/Jung edition .. Jung intro

Paramhansa Yogananda:  Autobiography of a Yogi .. details

Lao Tzu:  Tao Te Ching

Leo Tolstoy: short stories  (Tolstorys ?) .. start here  ('the three questions')

E F Schumacher: Small is Beautiful

Introduction to Permaculture - online

James Thurber: 'The Thurber Carnival' and others .. start here


Dictionaries; a good big one (eg oxford) helps (for english)

online for ‘old’ philosophy and religious .. an example


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