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consequinces ..

the consequences - of our ignoring our stories, myths, legends, spirits of creation, oral histories, songs, communities and language .. are now overwhelming us 

our 'arts' are languages of communication .. are far more than simple literal insistence

they are unlimited in scope, they are all individual expressings of our shared experience

of living life .. on earth .. earth-life

they appear in thoughts, actions, non-actions, sitting with, considering, caring, communing .. being

- as well as all the physical aspects of story telling, musicking, singing, painting, drawing,

dancing, celebrating, engaging, cooking, making, listening, attending to ..


because unlimited, can assist our capability to dissolve our (often) insistences

on fixed, unchanging, ideas about life .. toward our inherent relationship nature with living life as is

we play with language, words, joke, create aphorisms, allegory, reveal metaphor

a language (such as 'english') - one based on a construct of separated 'subjects and objects',

is inherently not able to approach (non-literal subjective) life 


as the essential nature of  life is 'energy', is 'spirit', is subjective, is not separatable - is not literal

we have lost and (have to) ignore everything other than 'physical' life

work around ?

'english' is utilitarian, busyness, physical (objectively separated) 

and is relatively universal, adaptable, ever changing, ever new variants

and, we can play with it .. thence become better able to 'live with' ..

we can go a little deeper here

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