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New Day


'New Day' comprises a series of new music pieces written for piano, based on nature's sounds, these recorded  in 15 special places around Australia and designed to celebrate the dawning of the new day


'New Day' was originally made on CD for ABC (national) fm radio, to be played on each of the 15 days of the Sydney Olympic games in 2000; we have now produced a version especially for download .. see below 

Australian sound environments are very diverse in their content ... pieces may be as simple as birds singing, people talking, engines, storms, frogs and crickets; they may include instrumental pieces played in response to these sounds 

The spirit of place may be heard in its sounds 

I travelled to fifteen different places throughout Australia recording the natural sounds of wildlife, water and vegetation of the region at daybreak .. then writing new music now blended into these 'modern sound pictures'

These fifteen pieces represent tropical north Queensland, the Northern Territory, coastal New South Wales and the Victorian highlands, filled with the sounds of gang gang cockatoos, wattle birds, corellas (parrots), jumping fish, frogs, crickets and a thunderstorm


You may hear a 60 second snippet of all the New Day tracks ..

'New day' CD cover
Ramingining, northern australia, palm leaves
arnhem creek

‘New Day’ is 78’ long

'New day' is available in ‘uncompressed’ .wav format - along with notes and images - email me to request link .. 

If you like the works, please send a few bob, $s, rupiah, shekels, yen .. via paypal !


 If wanting to use any bits in commercial productions, you do   need contact me for copyright clearances  

Go to bandcamp to stream and purchase all releases

© Peter Mumme 2000 all rights reserved

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Moment to moment, place to place


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