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Waak Waak ga Min Min

We have been both pleasantly surprised and gratified - by the reception the re-release of our (1997) cd by 'waak waak djungi' group is currently receiving .. 


The most often heard question concerning this music I hear is 'why have we not ever heard of the music and culture (songs about place, spirit, birds, trees ..) before' ? 

Good question .. may we all come to realise more of the interconnecting nature of all our 'old' traditional culture-philosophies

Please know that one of the singers in the group died in 2007, whilst a 'suitable' time has passed since his demise, we continue to respect his continuing influence

LP cover

Waak waak ga Min Min

Short music tracks

please know that a deceased person sings on 'Gandi'

Rainbow Serpent - short .. BB PM

Djambaku - short .. BB PM

Min min - White cockatoo - BB PM

Mother I'm Going - short .. JD PM

Gandi Bawong - short .. PMil BB JD PM

Waak waak - Black Crow .. JD PM

The people heard here include:

B Bununngurr 

bobby bunnungurr

J Djamunba

jimmy djamunba

with me,  P Mumme

peter mumme

Bobby Bunnungurr is from Ramingining, central arnhemland NT

He talks, sings, dances, paints and explains culture business untiringly

Jimmy Djamunba is a traditional songman and ceremonial leader from Ramingining 

N.E. Arnhem Land.    His moiety is Dhuwa and his language is Djinang

Peter Mummé  has been listening, thinking, musicking, recording, traveling and writing for over 70 years now !

'I prefer being older and find most of my interests now are to do with broad spiritual philosophy and practice, Aboriginal culture-life and lots of music and sounds making .. all have merged into a daily mix of happy possibilities!' 

jimmy and andrew

J Djamunda talks with Andrew Wilson (record producer)

miwal sunset

Miwal - a special Dhuwa ceremonial place 2018

trad songs/sounds

Here are 'snippets' of some background sounds,  traditional songs and stories available for download

Ramingining lake sounds

White cockatoos call

white cockatoo trad song .. BB JD didj

Ramingining birds - kookaburras

Black crows call

Waak waak trad song .. JD BB didj

Djamunba talking about trad song

jimmy. peter, michael

Djamunba, Mumme, Michael Kucyk

(record producer) at Walka 2018

Re-release 'Waak waak Djungi' - Efficient Space; Michael Kucyk .. hear full tracks, get downloads and purchases

© Waak waak djungi 12018  All rights reserved

Ramingining back story here

Contact peter 

Black crow, northern australianting for cd/lp cover

waak waak - black crow

White cockatoo, northern australia

min min - white cockatoo

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